On formation in 2006 the St James' Finchampstead team were loaned, through the auspices of HRGB, two octaves of bells for a one-year period. During this time team members worked hard and pooled resources to raise the monies required to purchase a two-octave set of Whitechapel Bells. As the team grew in number and became more competent, it became apparent that more handbells were needed.

Margaret 'Pauline' Taylor (founder of the Taylor Memorial Bells) died on 2nd February 2007. Just one week earlier Pauline had thanked her daughter, Meg, for her selfless and exceptional care and asked that Meg continue helping other needy mums and dads - particularly those in care homes.

It was Pauline's wish that when she died, a bell be purchased in her name.  Instead of wreaths and posies, generous monetary donations were made by kind friends and family members.  Three bells were bought and engraved in Pauline's memory - beginning the third octave of Whitechapel Memorial Bells.
Since then, Sue de Gautier has added a bell in memory of her late husband Bernard and their 30th wedding anniversary.  Sally Hamblin added two bells, one in her own name as a new member, and the other in memory of her mother, Joan Stanley.

National Lottery "Awards for All" funding enabled the completion of the third octave with three bells being dedicated to Rev Richard Warden and Rev John Edwards for their work in the Parish of Finchampstead, and to Carolyn Fox retiring Churchwarden.

The request Pauline made to Meg 'to care for the other elderly folk in need' has been fulfilled by the St James' Finchampstead Handbell Ringers as this website testifies.